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Threatened Environment Tool [R1-2]

Threatened Environment Tool

Vertebrate Pest Decision Support System [R2-3]

Vertebrate Pest Decision Support System (Landcare Research)

Setting Outcomes and Measuring Performance of Regional Council Pest and Weed Management Programmes [R6-1]

Setting outcomes and measuring performance of Regional Council pest and weed management programmes (Landcare Research)

NZ Freshwater Fish Sampling Protocols [R2-1]

New Zealand freshwater fish sampling protocols

Standardised terrestrial biodiversity indicators for use by councils [R7-2]


Indicator M1 - Land under indigenous vegetation

Indicator M2 - Vegetation structure and composition

Indicator M3 - Avian representation

Indicator M5 - Vulnerable ecosystems

Indicator M6 - Number of new naturalisations

Indicator M7 - Distribution and abundance of weeds and animal pests

Indicator M8_M9 - Change in intensive land use and Habitat and veg loss

Indicator M11 - Change in temperature and precipitation

Indicator M12 - Change in protection of naturally uncommon ecosystems

Indicator M13 - Threatened species habitat - species impacted by consents

Indicator M14 - Vegetation consents compliance

Indicator M15 - Indigenous ecosystems released from vertebrate pests

Indicator M16 - Change in the abundance of indigenous plants and animals susceptible to introduced herbivores and carnivores

Indicator M17 - Extent of indigenous vegetation in water catchment

Indicator M18 - Area and type of legal biodiversity protection

Indicator M19 - Contribution of initiatives to species translocation and habitat restoration

Indicator M20 - Community contribution to weed and animal pest control and reductions